Sun Raised Farms is a Ground Maintenance Company who use sheep to graze the grounds on solar farms.

We are leaders in our industry, Sun Raised Farms was founded in 2012 and manage over a thousand acres of Solar Farms. We provide the local farmer access to land they otherwise would not had the opportunity to farm on. In addition we help with extra revenue streams for the different services they can provide.

Sun Raised Farms invests in local farmers and sheep to do the ground maintenance and to look after the solar farm. The local farmers raise healthy hormone and pesticide free sheep on the grounds of the solar farms. The sheep graze and keep the grass down during the growing season so the grass and weeds don't shade the solar panels.

Our farmers take ownership of each site and are trained after best practice from our experience working with sheep on Solar farms.

With our model we accomplish a win for the solar company, a win for the community, a win for the family farmer, a win for the consumer, and a win for the environment.

We offer long term cost savings for ground maintenance, positive branding, community outreach and site security.

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